Moodie Download

Here you can download relaxation music for the different basic colors!

Moodies Red

Red is considered embodiment of fire and power. The color red is associated on the one hand with life, on the other hand with passion. Red is said to have a vitalizing effect on the body.

Sunset Red


Moodies Yellow

Yellow is the color of the sun, which belongs to the warm colors in the color spectrum. Yellow is supposed to exhilarate and make our mood cheerful.

Autumn Atmosphere

Moodies Green

Green, the basic tone of nature, is called the most tranquil color. Green is seen as an important element for mental balance and the ideal color to find inner peace again.

Spring Awakening

Moodies Blue

Blue is the color of the sky and the sea. The color blue creates a pleasant atmosphere that can have a restorative effect on the body. Breathing becomes even and deep for many people by applying the color blue. Blue is considered to be relaxing, calming and clarifying. In addition, blue is used for insomnia as well as restlessness.

In the Skies

Ocean Surf

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