Batten Light LL 49 cm


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Playing with possibilities...

  • Available in a length of 22 and 49cm
  • Can be linked to each other
  • Indirect lightning behind the back rest or in the ceiling area
  • Visible installation with Holding Clamps
  • Can be installed flush with the adjacent areas for its square form
  • Modular installation: no pre packing by manufacturer
  • Variable spacing due to Z-routing of cables
Please note that this offer only includes the modular Batten Light itself, without any required accessories. In this way we enable you to freely assamble your own collaxx system from any number of different Colour Lights and control options.
490 x 15 x 15 mm
ca. 61g
Operating Voltage
12VDC | 0,5A
0 ... 125°C (long term durable)
LED Life Time
typ. 30.000 hours
Pastel Colours
Automatic Mode
Status Memory
Sound Capable
Brightness Red
96 lm
Brightness Orange
128 lm
Brightness Yellow
100 lm
Brightness Green
68 lm
Brightness Turquoise
72 lm
Brightness Blue
20 lm
Brightness Purple
100 lm
Brightness White
92 lm